Reference Groups

SAPPA Reference Groups are sub-committees of the SAPPA Board comprised of SAPPA members who meet to discuss topics aligned to the SAPPA Strategic Plan

SAPPA Vision 2022 - 2023

Strategic Plan 2023

Reference Groups review and discuss priorities identified in the Strategic Plan, making recommendations to the SAPPA Board.

Meetings are held twice per term over a two-year tenure and the SAPPA President attends each meeting.

Curriculum, Pedagogy and Innovation

Convenors (Board Members)

Brenton Robins, Marg Clark, Barb Jenkins, Marie-Louise Adams

Key Issues to include:
  • Implementation of AC & resource support from DECD
  • Curriculum support for leaders
  • Assessment & moderation
  • Current research
  • Quality teaching

Human Resources and Resourcing Achievements

Convenors (Board Members)

Josh Anderson, John Ianunnzio, Julie Murphy

Key Issues to include:
  • Staffing
  • Understanding & implementing EB
  • Teacher Performance
  • Managing unsatisfactory performance
  • Leadership density
  • Leadership classification
  • Improvements to VSP
  • Funding Parity
  • Transparency of funding

Leaders’ Professional Learning

Convenors (Board Members)

Gail Evans, Terena Pope

Key Issues to include:
  • Needs analysis & identification of emerging trends
  • Links with SASPA and DECD
  • Mentoring for new principals
  • Coaching for all leaders
  • Advocacy of relevant learning opportunities through SAIEL

Wellbeing and Efficiency

Convenors (Board Members)

Dominica Thomson, Tobias O’Connor

Key Issues to include:
  • Focus on proactive approach as well as reactive
  • Advocate for and provide quality, succinct and timely information for members
  • Continually gather feedback from members about issues affecting their wellbeing
  • Collaborate with DECD to address supportive strategies for leaders

Inclusive Education

Convenors (Board Members)

Catherine O’Dea

Key Issues to include:
  • Advocate for support for leaders to implement one plan
  • Work with DfE in resourcing the associated workload of catering for needs of students
  • Influence the processes and practices around accessing services of support
  • Work with DfE in developing sustainable effective pathways for students by: increasing current special options and developing new options for alternative schooling

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