The SAPPA Board is comprised of an elected President and up to 15 elected SAPPA members.

A SAPPA Vice President is elected from within the Board.

In accordance with the SAPPA Constitution, the tenure for President and Board members is two years.

SAPPA Constitution

Version July 2021

The Board is comprised of leaders representative of country and metropolitan schools of varying size and context.

The current SAPPA President and Board elections are underway with announcements to be made by the end of October 2023.

The SAPPA Board meets on Thursdays, twice per school term. Issues discussed and decisions made are communicated via an internal publication called SAPPA News which is distributed to members from the President. SAPPA News can also be found in the Member section.

SAPPA Reference Groups provide a pathway of feedback and consultation from the membership to the President and Board.

The President is also available to visit schools and partnership meetings. Appointments can be made through the SAPPA Office on 8463 5845.


President and Board Members 2022_2023

President: President, Tobias O’Connor (from 24 July 2023)
(Interim) Vice President:  Terena Pope, Principal Clovelly Park Primary School

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